Ever since my neighbors house burnt down last Saturday, I’ve been wrapped up with thoughts of loss. What is it like to lose everything?
The woman next door has had misfortune strike her twice now, she has lost everything she owns twice. She has had to start over twice. Each time, she is able to regain her footing though. She overcomes these challenges.
Glee tonight was intense, I don’t usually watch but I couldn’t turn away. Remembering Cory was beautiful and awful. The loss there was so strong, so present. I have been fortunate to have not lost a loved one. The worse loss I’ve experience was when my dog, Harley, died back in 2011 (which still upsets me to this day).
These are the two forms of loss that come to my mind immediately. I don’t know how I would deal with either. How do people pick up and carry on? They do it all the time.
It’s amazing how strong people are. This strength gives a good reason to maintain belief in the potential of man. There’s a beauty in the ability of man to overcome.

Only slightly related: maybe colleges ask for essays about overcoming a challenge because it’s beautiful. Maybe they want that beauty to be shared with them. Maybe the more challenges we face and the more we overcome, the more beautiful and vibrant our lives are. Maybe a happy future only comes from forming a beautiful life.

Good night.